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The world is facing many environmental challenges including climate change, resource depletion and pollution. As a consequence the Government has set targets to move the UK to a low carbon future and to reduce greenhouse gas emissions. We believe that we have a shared responsibility to support these global challenges, national aspirations and to help to create a sustainable future in our role as the region’s Combined Authority.

Our environmental strategy is based on the concept of sustainable development and continual improvement. It sets out our objectives and approach to minimising the carbon impact of WMCA operations and our commitment to working with partners to facilitate sustainable public transport growth.

We are in a perfect position to assist with the transformation change needed to strengthen and create opportunities in the region that will meet the needs and aspirations of local communities, our stakeholders and the needs of the environment. This means we are fully committed to action, including a commitment to sustainable travel by our staff, and supporting organisations across the region to implement Travel Plans.

See our Environmental Policy and Environmental Strategy 2014-19