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West Midlands Regional Advanced Manufacturing & Engineering Training Plan


The ambition of the regional manufacturing and engineering plan is to develop a regional offer for both sectors, that enables practical points of entry for those new to the sectors and provides a seamless workforce development career progression pathway.

The plan aims to move residents into critical roles in the region, heightened by the pandemic and will go some way to tackle the region’s unemployment but also to raise awareness of the opportunities within these employment sectors.

Through a cohesive approach between training providers and the employers, it is envisaged that the training will truly meet the needs and specialities of the employers, whilst providing individuals with opportunities to grow and develop.

We are keen to amplify that exposure, by focusing on the career and professional development opportunities available to new entrants and for those already employed in the sector.

The highly prized manufacturing and engineering industries and jobs, envied the world over, are in fact located across some of the UK’s most economically challenged regions and are vital to the economic health of local communities.

We are both at the heart of the UK economy and operating at the leading edge of a highly competitive global environment, which present commercial risks and opportunities as we build back better.

This regional plan mirrors our wider ambition for adult learning, by ensuring that provision will be flexible – whether full-time or part-time; on-the-job or off-the-job; a first ever job, career progression or a change of career.