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Transport Champions for Tackling Violence Against Women and Girls


The appointed Transport Champions for the Tackling Violence Against Women and Girls Strategy, Laura Shoaf and Anne Shaw, have produced the following list of recommendations to tackle this important issue within the transport sector. The recommendations address the impact that transport solutions can have in reducing the fear associated with using transport and public places, which can in turn improve access to many opportunities.

These recommendations have been shaped through discussions with nearly 200 respondents, who attended eight roundtable workshops with a variety of specialisms from charities, women’s transport advocates and victim and survivor groups to enforcement officers, transport operators, planners and placemaking experts to discuss the opportunities in addressing Violence Against Women and Girls (VAWGs) within the transport sector.

The views presented together with the solutions for making it safer across our transport networks were wide ranging, covering various cultures and motivations, with various interventions discussed often combining several cross-sectoral strategies to achieve the greatest impact.