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Transport Champions for Tackling Violence Against Women and Girls


Roundtable Events

We would like to thank all those who attended and contributed to the roundtable discussions. Their views, thoughts, ideas, research and best practice examples have then shaped our thinking and principles, and ultimately the recommendations put forward in this paper. Without their input, these recommendations would not have been possible.

Survey Finding Results

To support the recommendations, a range of further evidence has been provided through tailored surveys, focusing on the safety of women and girls. These surveys include:

Transport Focus - Experiences of women and girls on transport survey (2021)

Transport Focus has undertaken research among women about their experiences using transport in relation to safety. In total 1,282 women responded to the survey which was publicised using Transport Focus communication channels and sent to the Transport Focus panel.

Transport Champions staff safety survey

The West Midlands Combined Authority (WMCA), alongside support from the Urban Transport Group (UTG) for assistance in distribution and promotion of this survey has enabled a significant number of transport staff to be surveyed across the large, urban transport authorities and other associated members. This staff safety survey has particularly explored how staff feel in terms of safety and what measures would help tackle VAWGs across our urban transport networks including increased training of staff, improved guidance and safeguarding practices.

West Midlands Personal Safety Perceptions Report

The WMCA undertook further customer research through a personal safety survey, aimed at understanding how safe different communities felt whilst travelling around the West Midlands. Membership of the TfWM ‘Keep WM Moving! Community’ shared their personal experiences of safety when travelling which captured a range of modes including active travel, Demand Responsive Transport and smart mobility. Around 120 people took part in this detailed perception survey, where 3 in 10 people felt unsafe using our networks.