Portfolios announced

Today the newly vested WMCA announced the portfolios for Lead members at its first AGM, Wednesday 29 June. The portfolio arrangements for the constituent members are as follows –


Councillor Bob Sleigh, Chair of the West Midlands Combined Authority

HS2 growth strategy, devolution deals and communications & engagement


Councillor Pete Lowe, Vice Chair of the West Midlands Combined Authority

Health and wellbeing – mental health, mental health  commission and health devolution


Councillor John Clancy

Economic growth – delivery of Strategic Economic Plan (SEP), access to finance for business, Collective Investment Fund (CIF), WMCA growth company, international trade and exports, digital strategy and the arts and cultural activity


Councillor Sean Coughlan

Housing and land – land commission, Land Remediation Fund (LRF) housing delivery, one public estate


Councillor George Duggins

Skills and productivity – skills and productivity commission (including employability), learning for the future and Further Education (FE) area reviews


Councillor Steve Eling

Public service reform – public service reform agenda, troubled families, criminal justice, welfare reform, shared services and social inclusion  


Councillor Roger Lawrence

Transport – delivery of Strategic Transport Plan, Midlands Connect, West Midlands Rail, HS2 delivery transport and Transport Delivery Committee

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