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Plan for Growth - A vision for growth in the West Midlands

Helping the West Midlands to prosper

Discover how the West Midlands is bouncing back stronger from the Covid pandemic and new trade frictions with the EU, and aiming for a future that's prosperous, inclusive and green.

The West Midlands Plan for Growth sets a path for resilience and recovery as the region looks to reclaim its status as the fastest-growing UK region outside London.

Private sector-led - publicly supported: Our approach leverages private innovation and investment, supported by public initiatives to foster a conducive environment for growth.

Collaborative leadership: The Combined Authority orchestrates efforts across towns, cities and rural areas, ensuring growth benefits everyone, everywhere.

Working in conjunction with local authorities and universities as local anchor institutions, the Combined Authority will deliver conditions for growth through:

  • Economic empowerment: Granting new powers for economic development to spark regional prosperity.
  • Transport transformation: Investing in transport to better connect people, places and opportunities.
  • Housing and land development: Boosting housing and utilising land to meet future needs and drive growth.
  • Innovative regeneration: Pioneering new methods for revitalising our region’s spaces and communities.
  • Skills for the future: Enhancing education and training to prepare our workforce for tomorrow's challenges.
  • Investor engagement: Working closely with investors to unlock potential and accelerate development.
  • Commitment to net zero: Pioneering initiatives to achieve a sustainable, carbon-neutral future.

Together, we grow:

Join us on this exciting journey to create a West Midlands that shines as a beacon of clean, inclusive growth. Together, we can build a region where innovation flourishes, opportunities are accessible to all and every community, from our bustling cities to serene, rural areas, enjoy prosperity.

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The nine Primary Clusters

These are clusters where the West Midlands has a comparative advantage and businesses are confident to invest. Combining the power of private and public sectors around these opportunities gives the region a credible path to returning to being the fastest-growing region in the country outside London.

As part of our Plan for Growth, we are building on nine economic clusters where the West Midlands has a unique advantage.

The nine Primary Clusters are:

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Creative Content Production and Gaming

Pexels Chokniti Khongchum 3938022

Health Tech and Med Tech

Pexels Roberto Nickson 3082341

Professional & Financial Services and Supply Chain

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Adobestock 651096874

Logistics and Distribution


Smart Energy Systems

WMG Walsall Accord 91

Manufacture of Future Housing

Pexels Mikebirdy 110844

Manufacturing of Electric Light Vehicles and Associated Battery Devices

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Digital Economy