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Case Studies

Case Studies: West Midlands Innovation Accelerator

From energy efficiency to AI supported healthtech — learn first-hand from businesses on how the Innovation Accelerator has been helping them make an increased impact throughout our region.

DIATOMIC Accelerator

DIATOMIC aims to boost place-based innovation in the West Midlands by leveraging the region's international ties and targeted initiatives to expand its clean tech, health tech, and med tech sectors.

Spearheaded by Connected Places Catapult, this program empowers civic leaders to launch innovation challenges, aids local SMEs in their response, and fosters community growth through the UK's inaugural inclusive innovation hub. Additionally, it advocates for data-driven decision-making and the creation of an impact assessment toolkit.

These case studies showcases the businesses supported on this programme.

Case Study WMIA Osmium

Case Study: Osmium - West Midlands Innovation Accelerator

Osmium share how the DIATOMIC project has given them an opportunity to develop their product for social housing in Birmingham, West Midlands.

Case Study WMIA Furbnow

Case Study: furbnow - West Midlands Innovation Accelerator

Becky Lane, Co-founder and CEO of furbnow shares how the DIATOMIC project has given them an opportunity to further help homeowners achieve energy efficiency.

West Midlands Health Tech Innovation Accelerator (WMHTIA)

The West Midlands Health Tech Innovation Accelerator aims to address the difficulties companies encounter while introducing new technologies to the market.

It brings together a collaborative network from industry, NHS, and universities to assist businesses through the crucial phases of medical translation. This government-funded program, through a series of centrally coordinated activities, will facilitate the transformation of concepts into practical applications.

The following case studies showcase the work of those businesses supported.

Case Study WMIA MICA Biosystems

Case Study: MICA Biosystems - West Midlands Innovation Accelerator

Dr. Mike Zurawski, MICA Biosystems, shares their pioneering process of using nanotechnology and the opportunity Innovation Accelerator has given them.

Case Study WMIA Furbnow (1)

Case Study: InoCardia - West Midlands Innovation Accelerator

Dr. Jeremy Billson and Prof. Helen Maddock, InoCardia share how their technology ensures safer and cheaper drug testing through their cardiovascular expertise.