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LJM Homecare

SME of the Year award

LJM strive to offer the very best care in people’s homes and know that staff development is key to achieving this. By developing their skills, staff not only gain the qualifications required to work and progress in the care sector, but they are also able to improve the quality of care that they offer. The health and social care sector is a major part of the West Midlands economy and LJM’s commitment to provide rewarding career options for local residents is a great example for other small businesses in the region.

One employee, Michelle Hinton said: "I came to LJM thinking I would be doing quite mundane tasks as I genuinely thought that this was my ceiling point.

"The business saw that although I lacked confidence, my desire to succeed and hardworking nature led them to invest time and support in opening up career opportunities. I was hesitant at taking the chance and thought that there was no way I could do a Level 3 in anything, however, my line manager and tutor both reassured me that I had the ability to achieve and that they would offer as much support as possible.

"Since beginning the course, I have been amazed at how much I have developed. I feel that I am learning new skills every day and this is reflected in the quality of care that I provide to our service users."

The training is delivered in partnership with West Midlands-based provider BCTG. It includes a combination of one-to-one sessions with a trainer, online learning, and observations. LJM have supported their staff throughout, offering flexibility and ensuring the needs of every individual is considered.

Steve Burnet, Lead Business Development Co-ordinator at BCTG, said: "LJM are extremely keen to show people the real side of caring in the community, to correct the myths and encourage people to look at a career in care."