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Redeveloping brownfield land

We are redeveloping and regenerating brownfield land. This is land that was used for industrial or commercial purposes in the past. We’re using this land to build new homes and communities.

There is lots of brownfield land in the West Midlands and so we’re using government funds to help us to redevelop this land to create more jobs and homes. For example, we’re helping to transform the West Works site at Longbridge. This former car plant will be turned into housing, offices and shops.

We’re also working closely with Sandwell Council on Friar Park Urban Village. This is a new residential community and is the largest brownfield development for housing in the West Midlands.

What we’ll do

Working together with local authorities, we’ll continue to make decisions about housing and the clean-up of brownfield sites so they can be used again. We’ll also continue to work closely with developers to attract investment into our region.

We’ll also:

  • ask the government for more funding
  • use the money to expand current brownfield regeneration projects
  • work with partners to speed up the building of new homes and creating new jobs
  • make sure our decisions are made openly
  • make sure we get value for money
  • work with our partners in new ways
  • understand what’s going on in our communities so we can meet their needs