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West Midlands Public Land Charter

Our Public Land Charter is a clear statement of the region’s strong ambition to be at the vanguard of new and different approaches to public land.

The Charter was produced by the WMCA under the leadership of its Housing & Land Delivery Board and its industry-led Public Land Taskforce.

The Charter aims to support the unlocking of land and opportunities for development and regeneration in the region and do so in a way which unlocks wider benefits, outcomes and impact.

Set out over 10 principles, the Public Land Charter aims to:

• Deliver at pace and scale
• Secure new public funding and support
• Identify and deliver new and innovative disposal and redevelopment approaches
• Release more land for development and regeneration
• Attract private sector investment and support

Much of the public land in the West Midlands, which covers a significant area and totals over 5,713 hectares, is vacant or not used to its full potential. Many sites suffer from contamination, low property values and a lack of enabling infrastructure.

The Charter aims to ensure expertise, support, funding, advice and experience across the region are brought together to overcome these barriers in a targeted way.