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Research and Insights

Our researchers make sense of data and evidence to provide insight and intelligence to policymakers. This ensures that decisionmakers truly understand the opportunities and challenges facing the region, and make the best decisions for, and with, the people and places across the West Midlands.

Our community of practice brings together experts from across the organisation whose role involves research, intelligence, analysis, and data.

Specialist research knowledge expertise is in every corner of the West Midlands – in our local community and voluntary groups; in our local councils; our NHS; the business community; and of course, in our universities and research centres.

To contribute to our regional research ecosystem – we’ll be sharing our research findings, our data and evidence so that anyone can make full use of them. And we’d love for you to be a part of our research community too!

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Find out about the research ecosystem across the West Midlands

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Browse dashboards and make use of our datasets about the people and places of the West Midlands.

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Our regular briefings, reports and research papers on the most important matters relating to the West Midlands region.

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