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Project work

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Take a look at the impact project work

Impact project work will be undertaken in priority areas within or across CAs to understand and capitalise on opportunities to improve health and reduce inequalities.

This work will be delivered through the central team or embedded posts, ensuring that value is added to CAs business as usual activities.

Such projects may include commissioning local external organisations or funding collaborative work across regions. There are two additional resources to support impact project work:

  • Central funding pot – A central put of funding that is accessible to participating CAs to undertake impact project work and will be shared according to programme aims; Allocation decisions will be made by the CAP Governance Board.
  • Data analytics pot – Additional funding has been set aside by The Health Foundation to provide data analysis support for the CAP; The central team are currently working with The Health Foundation’s analytics team to identify research questions and analytics needs that can be addressed with this resource.

Research and insights partner

The Health Foundation is commissioning a research and insights partner to bring together and distil the key insights from the CAP.

The WMCA has supported the commissioning process and the partner is expected to come on board during November 2023.

They will be a thought leader within the sector that will explore the research and learning from regional devolution in improving health and reducing inequalities.

They will focus on fresh knowledge and insights, as well as longer-term reflections, utilising their knowledge, perspective, and experience in this policy space. This partner will have a strong and close working relationship with the central CAP team.