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Happier Workforce

Employers who take an active role in improving employee wellbeing through support for their mental health and reducing stress, will have a much happier workforce. Happier employees will work better and more efficiently together, fostering a positive working environment which allows the organisation to thrive. Happier employees will also reduce absenteeism within organisations.

Healthier Workforce

Employers who take an active role in supporting staff with musculoskeletal conditions and encouraging healthy lifestyles for all of their employees, are much more likely to have a healthy workforce. Healthy employees will be more able to effectively engage in their work in a much more sustainable way and will be significantly less likely to need to take sick days. Organisations can take the initiative by striving to understand and proactively support their employees with MSK conditions.

More Productive Workforce

There is a strong business incentive to better supporting your employee’s health and wellbeing needs. A healthier and happier workforce is much more likely to be a productive workforce. Staff who feel that their employers are proactively supporting their physical and mental health feel better valued within an organisation and will be more able to manage any existing conditions with their work. This will improve work rates and reduce absenteeism and presentism in your organisation. The National Institute of Clinical Excellence (NICE) estimates that implementing interventions to promote staff wellbeing could save employers between £130 and £5,020 per participating employee, by reducing absence or illness at work.