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A&M EDM Limited

Organisation Name: A&M EDM Limited

Sector: Automotive/Manufacturing

Size of Organisation: 75 employees

Thrive Lead: Melvin Wingfield

What They Do: A&M is an award-winning engineering solutions company, manufacturing high-value components.

How Thrive at Work has impacted the organisation: The starting point for A&M EDM presented them with a great challenge. Traditional working-class culture and associated workforce demographic – almost entirely male with the majority in their fifties or above, resistant to change and uncomfortable with topics such as mental health and wellbeing. However, A&M EDM has shown that this type of culture can be impacted positively through Thrive at Work. The implementation of a formal return to work procedure with a wellbeing element attached enabled the organisation to handle sickness absence more effectively. Implementation of Thrive positioned them to respond to the Coronavirus pandemic and subsequent lockdowns with great flexibility, and this has been appreciated by all the staff. The persistence of senior management in engaging the workforce on matters of health and wellbeing has challenged and changed the existing culture, ensuring that wellbeing is part of the ongoing conversation and attitudes towards it are more positive and open than before.

Accreditation Date: November 2020

A&M EDM staff Thrive to wellbeing award: Precision engineers A&M EDM are proud to be pioneers as UK manufacturers to achieve the Thrive at Work accreditation for improving employee health and wellbeing. West Midlands based A&M EDM specialise in the rapid manufacture of high value, low volume components and precision tooling for automotive, aerospace, Formula 1, marine and other engineering sectors.

A&M participated in a West Midlands Combined Authority (WMCA) Thrive at Work pilot to maximise workforce potential by reducing sickness absence, improving staff retention and increasing the productivity of happier, healthier staff.

Melvin Wingfield, A&M director said:

“Thrive was the catalyst for A&M to enhance the wellbeing of our most valuable asset, our 70 employees. We have a traditional manufacturing workforce, who participated in activities to improve their awareness of mental health, healthy eating and exercise.”

A&M used the Thrive toolkit to raise staff awareness of mental, musculoskeletal and physical health and encourage healthy lifestyles through diet and exercise. The programme ran from 2019 into 2020 with extensive evidence gathered of staff engagement using discussions, online materials, newsletters, posters and sampling new diets and exercise for themselves. Initiatives included a new staff forum, an in-house gym and access to a confidential mental health counselling service.

Sean Russell Head of Thrive at WMCA said:

“We wanted Thrive at Work to target manufacturing SMEs, with a majority older male workforce and a traditional working-class culture, which could be resistant to change. We knew this type of business would be the most difficult culture to influence and yet we believed would benefit the most from our programme.”

“A&M EDM ticked these boxes and their director Melvin Wingfield could see the benefits of Thrive at Work. It is to his credit and the organisation’s that they have succeeded in achieving the Bronze Level Thrive Award; challenging and changing the existing culture, refining processes to respond flexibly to the needs of their employees and seeing lives impacted positively as a result. This is a great achievement.”

Melvin Wingfield again, “The pilot was just the beginning; we will continue improving our wellbeing processes as we grow. Thrive helped us bounce back from Covid with staff working flexibly to continue production during the lockdowns. We want our employees to recognise that the company will support them to develop their wellbeing.”

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