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DENSO Automotive UK Limited

Sector:  Automotive/Manufacturing

Size of organisation: 150 employees

Thrive Lead: Michelle Evans

What they do:

DENSO is a global manufacturer of automotive components offering advanced automotive technologies, systems and products. The focus at the Coventry site is the provision of engineering to UK-based customers and an increasing base of European customers. The engineering teams are working on developments in the areas of powertrain, vehicle connectivity and driver assistance systems, thermal and rotating machines. The facilities include engine testbeds, chassis dynamometers and other tools which have transformed Coventry into a key DENSO location for research, development, design and application engineering, quality assurance, service support and business development. 

How Thrive at Work has impacted the organisation:

Employees are noticing a change in the workplace with respect to mental health and employee wellbeing since DENSO enrolled for the Thrive at Work programme. However, there are still areas where significant improvement remains necessary. DENSO hopes to identify and address these areas as they work towards the Silver Accreditation. The ongoing support and regular progress calls with DENSO’s Thrive Assessor, Laura Howard, have been greatly appreciated.  

Award Date May 2023


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