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Forkers Ltd

Sector: Engineering

Size of Organisation: 205 employees

Thrive Lead: Helena Boyle and Rosin Robotham

What they do: Forkers Ltd is a family-run business, with its Head Office based in West Bromwich specialising in civil and ground engineering

How Thrive at Work has impacted the organisation: Forkers pride themselves on delivering high- quality projects and this is what led them to Thrive, used to working with structure, framework and quality, it fit the purpose of their organisation and values.

Staff wholeheartedly communicated that they trusted the management and felt they had good job security. They also liked working at Forkers Ltd; the company was described as having a family feel, where staff were given opportunities to work flexibly to meet lifestyle commitments where roles permitted.

Forkers has incorporated many initiatives into their wellbeing programme including a network of Mental Health First Aiders, toolbox talks, changing the absence reporting methods and ensuring return to work interviews are completed and reasons for absence accurately recorded. They have also reviewed their active travel plan, promoted a cycle to work scheme and have altered working hours to provide a commitment to work life balance. Policies and procedures have also been reviewed, fully integrated into working practices and access improved to those without a company computer to access People HR using personal devices.

Staff feel more empowered to approach their line manager and feel Forkers are now doing more to support health and wellbeing. A reward scheme with £25 vouchers has further recognised staff achievements and boosted morale. Water station and bottles are made available on all sites now as well as a clear smoking and alcohol policy and confidential support services are available.

“The mental health & wellbeing of our employees has always been important, we set up a mental health committee which is made up of representatives including directors, senior managers and supervisors, and we use these meetings to plan our mental health and wellbeing awareness strategies. When we discovered Thrive at Work it provided us with the structure we needed. Our action plan is now embedded into the business and provides us with good grounding to help us move on to Bronze Level,” said Roisin Robotham, HR Administrator.

Award Date: September 2022

We openly use the phrase “How’s your bucket” now in the company. I know that when we were filming the video, Leigh asked me how I was and I told him I was fine; in the next breath he asked how my bucket was and it was pretty full in the lead-up to the H & S day that we held so it was a completely different answer that I gave him. It goes to show that you may well be fine, but it just makes you give a different response and almost open up a little more by simply asking it in a different way.