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Herefordshire Wildlife Trust

Organisation Name: Herefordshire Wildlife Trust

Sector: Non-profit organisation

Size of Organisation: 26 employees

Thrive Lead: Helen Stace

What They Do: Herefordshire Wildlife Trust manage 55 nature reserves where they run projects within landscapes across the county restoring habitats and protecting wildlife species.

How Thrive at Work has impacted the organisation: The organisation has placed an emphasis on physical activity, getting all staff moving more. Health and wellbeing campaigns encouraged staff to go out for walks and join in forest activities within the setting of Queenswood Country Park. New flexitime and remote working opportunities have helped many staff to manage their work life balance better. Their Personal Development Review system has been redesigned to incorporate wellbeing into the structure, where conversations on workload and health and wellbeing are now taking place.

Accreditation Date: March 2020

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