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Integrated Transport Planning - Birmingham

Organisation Name: Integrated Transport Planning (Birmingham) Ltd

Sector: Transport

Size of Organisation: 13 employees

Thrive Lead: Catherine Evans

What They Do: ITP's multi-disciplinary team researches, designs, implements, monitors and evaluates sustainable transport initiatives for clients all over the world.

How Thrive at Work has impacted the organisation: ITP embraced Thrive and approached it from a project management viewpoint. Catherine engaged all staff by asking for volunteers to help complete the bronze criteria, utilising the Thrive online toolkit. The outcome of this approach was that they quickly completed all necessary criteria without encountering any obstacles. They introduced lunchtime gatherings where the different aspects of Thrive were discussed. As a result, staff formed a running club that met 3 times a week prior to lockdown and began lunchtime yoga sessions. Nobody drives to work anymore, and they have seen their sickness absence reduce. Morale has increased as people feel they can come forward with suggestions. Now that Thrive has been successful in the Birmingham office, they are looking to roll it out across the whole of the company.

Accreditation Date: October 2019

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