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John Taylor Hospice

Organisation Name: John Taylor Hospice

Sector: Healthcare

Size of Organisation: 150 employees

Thrive Lead: Gail Hipkiss

What They Do: Founded in 1910, John Taylor Hospice is the oldest non-denominational hospice in the country.

How Thrive at Work has impacted the organisation: The organisation has seen lots of positive changes as a result of the Thrive at Work programme, and said it caused them to review all aspects of the services they provide, and bring them together, refining policies and processes to embed wellbeing. Their appraisal system was updated to include wellbeing conversations, bringing mental health to the forefront, and staff are open in coming forward with issues. The Hospice is now better equipped to support and deal with those issues. They have seen a reduction in staff disciplinary procedures, and sickness absence is the lowest it has ever been at around 4%.

Accreditation Date: September 2020

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