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MBKB Group Ltd - Silver Award

Sector: Training provider

Size of Organisation: 35 employees

Thrive Lead: Katie Biggs

What they do: MBKB is a specialist training provider with over 25 years' experience in delivering high-quality training, apprenticeships and staff development along with a range of consultancy and support options. Business areas they deliver include payroll training, management consulting, customer service, operations and HR apprenticeships delivered by an experienced team of 35.

How Thrive at Work has impacted the organisation: Senior management at MBKB are committed to the wellbeing of staff having achieved the Bronze accreditation in November 2019 they progressed their journey being the first organisation to have achieved silver level in February 2022.

Their involvement has seen an increase in activities provided to staff such as meditation and encouraged others to take up healthy behaviours outside of work including improved nutrition, hydration and even running a half marathon!
As an organisation they have introduced wellness action plans, stress risk assessments and DSE assessments as a way to manage health needs of individuals and put in place preventative measures.

Some changes to reward and recognition have seen real positives. A recognition scheme has allowed colleagues to recognise and congratulate each other, leading to more collaboration internally and an increase in client satisfaction externally.
All changes have had the individual at heart, tweaks to expenses policy ensure quicker payments back to staff and everyone
is loving the additional MKBK ‘bank holiday’ Lots of good work was already being done but accreditation enabled them to benchmark against others as well as identifying how to achieve more and formalise their approach to health and wellbeing and support their belief in creating a life and work balance.

“We are delighted to have achieved the Thrive at work Silver accreditation; Working through the programme helped us to bring consistency and a formal approach to really drive home our team wellbeing. The structured programme challenged us to think and embed additional practices and policies to provide 360-degree support in a flexible, managed way, that has already seen huge positive impacts across our organisation. We would thoroughly recommend the process and the invaluable support the Thrive at work team gave us. It is supportive, helpful and at your pace. This is a must for any organisation"
Kate Biggs, Health and Wellbeing Lead

Award Date: February 2022

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