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Millennium Point

Sector:  Property

Size of organisation: 26 employees

Thrive Lead: Vanessa Currie

What they do:

Millennium Point was officially opened in 2002 by Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II. They currently employ 26 people based in Birmingham City Centre's East side. As an events venue and landlord, they host several iconic names, including Think Tank (Birmingham's science museum) and Birmingham City University.  

As part of the Millennium Point Charitable Trust,  Millennium Point is very proud of the charity work that they undertake, supporting the advancement of educational projects in the areas of predominantly science, technology, engineering and maths (STEM)  

How Thrive at Work has impacted the organisation:

Thrive at Work has led to a wellbeing-centred approach and is now embedded into the organisation's culture rather than a series of isolated individual actions. The longer-serving staff members at Millennium Point confirmed that they had seen an improvement in the mental health support offered. One staff member stated, " now I feel much more supported; previously health and wellbeing was a 'paragraph' whereas now it's a complete range of resources and support". This was also echoed in the results of the accreditation survey, which showed that 94% of respondents felt that because of Thrive at Work, the organisation was doing more to support health and wellbeing.  

Thrive at Work also provided Millennium Point with the guidance required to run campaigns rather than just provide information to their staff. This led to the team being encouraged to consider lifestyle topics engagingly and interactively, leading to increased staff participation. One example; is musculoskeletal awareness, in which staff claim the campaign was 'given life'. A physiotherapist was employed to interact directly with staff and provide on-the-spot advice. This campaign received much positive feedback and raised general awareness of MSK health. Staff now feel they incorporate good MSK health into their daily work routines, including taking regular breaks away from workstations.  

Staff surveyed and interviewed confirmed they had seen or made some lifestyle changes due to Thrive activities and receiving information that had been distributed. 

A smoking cessation campaign led to a member of staff taking on board the advice and support offered and led to them stopping smoking.' 

Another employee took advantage of the Cycle to Work scheme due to the information given.  

Award Date October 2023


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