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Office of the Public Guardian

Organisation Name: Office of the Public Guardian

Sector: Public Sector

Size of Organisation: 1399 employees

Thrive Lead: Yvette Hawkett

What They Do: OPG is an executive agency of the Ministry of Justice. They police the activities of deputies, attorneys and guardians who act to protect the financial affairs of people who lack the mental capacity for making decisions.

How Thrive at Work has impacted the organisation: From its creation in 2009 the Office of the Public Guardian’s work and workforce have expanded rapidly. Employees operate in a fast paced and target driven environment, which comes with many challenges and wellbeing has always struggled to find a place on the organisation’s agenda. That is until the organisation signed up to participate in Thrive at Work. Yvette Hawkett has worked hard to
ensure senior managers understand the importance of wellbeing. It now has its place at a strategic level within the organisation and through many initiatives staff are beginning to enjoy a better wellbeing experience in their day to day activities. OPG demonstrate best practice through their Workplace Adjustment Passport system, and other initiatives
such as handover documents, Mental Health First Aiders, Employee Assistance Programme, PAM Assist, Staff support networks, Mental Health Allies and OPG’s extensive Health and Wellbeing intranet page, which should ensure continuous improvement in employee wellbeing. We are confident that further line management training and raising the profile of the excellent wellbeing resources on offer will make OPG an employer of choice within the civil service
and beyond.

Accreditation Date: September 2021