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Park Hill Thorns Federation

Sector: Public Sector

Size of Organisation: 60 employees

Thrive Lead: Rebecca Harrison

What they do: Park Hill Thorns Federation comprises of two schools in Kenilworth, Park Hill Junior School, and Thorns Community Infant School.

How Thrive at Work has impacted the organisation: Rebecca Harrison, School Business Manager said: At Park Hill Junior School and Thorns Community Infant School, we want to make sure we are supporting all of our staff with their well-being. We've done this through the Employee Assistance Programme offered through the HR service and we've achieved the Fair Workload Charter. When we saw the Thrive Programme offered further support for staff and recognition for the school, we felt that this would be something we would be interested in.

The Thrive Programme has helped bring the schools together by offering workplace challenges such as "the million-step challenge" arranging for Flu jabs for the whole Federation, Dry January and signposting staff to different organisations to support people's well-being such as walking clubs, fitness groups and financial support.

Throughout the process, we had a lot of support and encouragement from the Thrive team. We've met regularly to talk through the ideas, how to complete the processes and get hints and tips on how to achieve certain actions.

The award has helped to highlight policies that the Local Authority shares with the school such as staff absence including the return-to-work interviews, equality and diversity and wellbeing.

Recently having Ofsted visit the two schools and were able to demonstrate the support that we are offering all of our staff through our Wellbeing board and our governor minutes.”

Award Date: May 2022