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Organisation Name: RSVP (West Midlands) Limited

Sector: Charity

Size of Organisation: 50 employees

Thrive Lead: Lisa Thompson

What They Do: RSVP provides empathic services to support and inspire children and adults of all genders who have been subjected to sexual violence and abuse.

How Thrive at Work has impacted the organisation: Thrive gave the organisation a framework for wellbeing. It helped them shape new and existing policies and proved particularly helpful when assisting staff adapting to remote working. Thrive brought to focus during the lockdown and enabled for different decisions to be made that provided more support for staff. Management report there has been a big increase in engagement with staff and there is now a higher expectation of the organisation when it comes to wellbeing. Thrive brought changes to working practises that have been warmly received by staff. Health campaigns included workshops on stress, sleep, and mental health. Alcohol-free and healthy eating awareness was followed up with a ‘weigh-off’ challenge enjoyed by many of the staff.

Accreditation Date: October 2020

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