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Warwick District Council

Sector: Public Sector

Size of Organisation: 480 Employees

Thrive Lead: Karen Weatherburn

What they do: Local district council employing approx. 480 people across many different diverse departments. Based in Leamington Spa covering district council responsibilities.

How Thrive at Work has impacted the organisation: We are now reviewing our Health and Wellbeing Strategy to enable us to consider progressing to the Silver Award.

The benefits are ongoing, employees are more engaged with targeted campaigns e.g. our ‘Applause scheme’ includes an intensive ‘Health check’ for all employees.

The links to Unison ensure we have coordinated plans to support staff with the aim of being an employer of choice where the benefits provide part of a package of incentives to retain and recruit.

Some of the processes and procedures required for Thrive were already in place but have been updated because of the learning from the feedback and survey responses.

“The Thrive initiative and Bronze award has significantly supported us to move forward our Health and Wellbeing Strategy and support our employees," said Karen Weatherburn – Thrive Lead.

Award Date: November 2022