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WPR Agency

Sector: Public Relations

Size of Organisation: 48 employees

Thrive Lead: Jayne Stanton and Don Skoyles

What they do: WPR Agency specialises in all public relations, and their ethos is to 'put people first; they are based in Birmingham City Centre

How Thrive at Work has impacted the organisation: The campaigns run as part of Thrive at Work were a success, and staff appreciated the opportunity to participate in activities they might not have had the chance to. These campaigns encouraged a wide variety of physical activities alongside the opportunity to experience healthier lifestyle options and learn skills to maintain good musculoskeletal health.

A wellness grant was introduced, which saw all staff being offered £100 to spend on an item to improve their wellbeing. It was clear from the accreditation interviews that the staff appreciated this gesture. The team chose to spend their grant on a wide variety of items, such as a smoothie maker to encourage healthier eating, a new mattress to aid better sleep, and roller skates to encourage the employee to be more physically active.

Although policies are supportive, many policies did not signpost to support where staff could find further information or support if required. Thrive at Work encouraged WPR Agency to update policies to include this additional information and signposting to support.

“If you’re thinking of taking the Bronze Thrive at Work Award, just do it! WMCA are so supportive and encouraging and WPR are absolutely thrilled and so proud that we have now achieved this accreditation!" said Jayne Stanion Employee Wellbeing and Client Experience Lead

Award Date: October 2022