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Lynne Bowers

Working to identify challenges and improve mental health outcomes

Lynne Bowers is part of the West Midlands Association of Directors of Adult Social Services.

Which part of the region do you live in and/or work in?

Across the West Midlands region.

Which organisation/sector/network are you representing on the MH Commission?

The Health Creation Alliance; Herefordshire Charities; WMADASS; and carer.

How does your role relate to the mental health agenda?

From lived experience to policy.

What are your particular areas of passion and interest, which you aim to champion through the work of the Commission?

  • Quality of care in mental ill health.
  • Parity of investment between physical and mental health.
  • Addressing stigma.

What particular knowledge, skills & experience are you particularly seeking to ‘bring to the table’ to help to progress the work of the Commission?

  1. Lived experience
  2. Clinician
  3. National peer
  4. Researcher
  5. Service manager and director
  6. Workforce wellbeing
  7. Regional and national policy implementation
  8. DHSC government policy development