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Innovation Accelerator Q & A


Is there a limitation on the number of partners?

There is no limit on the number of partners. You are advised though that a Collaboration Agreement may become increasingly complex for a project with many partners.

Will WMCA broker any partnerships where there are similarities?

The WMCA has already suggested collaborations after the initial EoIs assessment process.

What are the rules around collaborators and subcontractors?

Both are permitted. It’s important to distinguish the relationship of each organisation clearly in the application. Sub-contractor costs are effectively an operational cost on the project, whereas business partners will bring private co-investment into the project as well as requesting public money.

Will EoIs encouraged to merge / partner with other applicants be communicated to the IUK panel?

Applicants can discuss the project team within Q4 of the application form by highlighting the relationships and benefits of working together. Any prior separate arrangements or recommendations for partnerships is not relevant to the Innovate UK assessment of quality.

Will businesses need a minimum TR level to be supported?

See further guidance on eligible categories of R&D

Is there a preferred contractual arrangement for consortiums?
If your project is a collaboration, you will be asked to provide a collaboration agreement. The agreement will need to be signed by all collaborative partners in the project.