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#WM2041 - Five year plan

Our Net Zero Five Year Plan

In March 2021 the West Midlands Combined Authority adopted its first Net Zero Five Year Plan. The plan sets out how we create the right conditions for accelerating delivery and raising ambition to position the West Midlands as a leader in addressing climate change and futureproofing the region. It considers 15 different evidence-based goals that will achieve a 33% emissions reduction by 2026 setting us on the right path to achieving net zero by 2041.

The top five decarbonisation priorities, which have been identified as having the greatest impact in carbon terms, are:

  • Domestic energy efficiency measures and heating retrofit
  • Commercial energy efficiency measures
  • Modal shift towards active travel measures
  • Increased uptake of electric vehicles
  • Planting trees and enhancing natural capital

The gross investment cost (excluding issues around system management, industry and some transport goals) is estimated to be £4.3bn by 2026 and £15.3bn over the 20-year period to 2041. 

A number of work programmes are now in place to move from strategy to delivery and to secure investment in key areas of work.

FYP Theme

Delivery next steps


  • SMART Hub for Retrofit Delivery and
  • Warm Homes Save Lives Programme



  • Commercial Green Energy Taskforce
  • Local Area Energy Planning & Network Connections Fund


  • Industrial Decarbonisation and Green
  • Circular Economy Roadmap



  • Updated Local Transport Plan
  • Infrastructure for Zero Emissions Vehicles (IZEV) Strategy

Land Use

  • Natural Capital Board and WM Natural Capital Programme
  • Community Green Grants Programme
  • Large-scale Renewables Programme

Systems Management & Governance

  • Green Skills Strategy
  • WM2041 Behaviour Change and Business Pledge roll-out
  • Place-based data hub
  • Net Zero Citizens’ Panel
  • WMCA Carbon Literacy Programme
  • Whole-system governance including Net Zero Delivery Board