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West Midlands and COP26

The UK’s Presidency of COP26 provides a once in a generation opportunity to kick-start the practical delivery of climate change action and showcase this to the world. The West Midlands has unrivalled green industrial strengths and opportunities, and the region will combine this with public sector leadership to highlight that potential in the build up to, during and following COP26. 

Our partnership between businesses, research institutes, public bodies and central government, is founded on the key principles of delivering net zero at the regional and local level, generating new trade and investment opportunities, and creating a genuine buzz about climate change among all of the communities of the West Midlands: perfectly exemplifying the UK government’s campaign of ‘Together for our Planet’. 


We are jointly leading the Net Zero Leaders Summit in July, which will start to frame a new policy relationship with central government around climate change. 

At COP26, we will be collaborating with UK100 on their proposed side events with national and international partners, building on the work developed through our joint Summit, as an international exemplar model. 

As part of our COP26-legacy events, we will be including UK100 and its network into our regional programme including the University of Birmingham’s Forum for Global Challenges. 


We are supporting a coordinated approach across the M10 Group of Mayors to provide a coherent voice to government in the build-up to COP26. This will demonstrate the benefits to government of the individual assets of each of the regions as well as the benefits of combining those strengths. 

At COP26, we will contribute strongly to the M10’s engagement programme, both through UK100, ICLEI and C40 activities, and the M10’s own expression of interest for the Green Zone. 

We will be involving M10 partner regions in our series of events post-COP26, up to and including the Commonwealth Games in July 2022. 

Core Cities 

We have formed a collaboration group between Core Cities representatives, M10 and UK100 to ensure a fully coordinated approach across policy development, events and engagement with government in the lead-up to COP26. 

At COP26, we will be participating with Core Cities through events and receptions across Glasgow to highlight the benefits of a collaborative place-based approach to achieving net zero carbon through local delivery. 

Core Cities representatives will be important partners in our Spring- Summer 2022 events - providing insights into the implementation of new government policy announced at COP26 and the practicability of replication of initiatives arising from the West Midlands programme.