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Inclusive Growth Decision-making Tool

Good Work

Does the project promote good working practices?

There are further ways that can be considered to assess and enhance the potential of a project to generate wider benefits to the inclusive growth by promoting Good Work.

The capacity of a project to promote Good Work should be assessed even for projects that do not directly target the IG target groups or the investment priorities set out in Stages 1 and 2. This will help challenge whether projects can be managed or procured ways that maximises the project’s contribution to the Inclusive Growth and provides a sustainable positive impact through a resident’s life.

The questions in this page are designed to help aid the identification of how any project could have a positive effect on growing an inclusive growth. They are not conclusive. Indeed, it is possible to include a range of potential other benefits with both short and long-term positive consequences (e.g. the provision of mentoring to SMEs or third sector organisations by large companies, business engagement in schools, etc.).

There is already a wide-range of material available on how to use procurement in this way. Benefits should be assessed and monitored through the procurement process and contracting activities, but also for projects designed in-house or for grant schemes. It is critical these aspects are considered at the very start of the process, and it will require active contractual management and effective reporting, and monitoring, to ensure that the project’s benefits are being delivered.

Evaluation criteria
  • There is an increase in the number of people in the local area who receive sustainable employment opportunities?
  • Any staff members funded are paid at the living wage or higher?
  • There is an increase in the number of people who receive work placements, training or apprenticeships?
  • Zero-hours contracts are precluded?
  • There is a stipulated proportion of the total contract costs awarded to local SMEs or social enterprises?
  • The applicant can demonstrate accreditation or compliance with the any threshold or scheme for a ‘good work employer’ put in place?
  • Social value principles procurement principles are used and promoted consistently within supply chains?