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Inclusive Growth Decision-making Tool

Strategic Fit

Will the project target strategic priorities for the West Midlands?

Many different types of projects contribute to economic growth. However, the Tool specifically addresses the strategic priorities for WM/WMCA. We propose considering seven areas in the Strategic Economic Plan. These priorities have been adapted from the targets and objectives defined by the West Midlands Strategic Economic Plan to focus on the aspects which are most relevant to be targeted by inclusive growth projects and interventions.

This is not a rigid or static list; project appraisal should be flexible enough to consider other priorities stated in WMCA policy documents when appropriate and this list of priorities can be periodically reviewed and updated.

The first question that needs to be answered is: How is the proposed project going to target the different strategic priorities set out by WMCA and partners?

Please review the list of priorities to the right and mark those to be delivered directly by the project. You should consider how the project will deliver positive outcomes. A worksheet is provided on the final pages where you can record the information for each section.

Which of the following WMCA priorities does the project target?
  • Employment
  • Skills
  • Business competitiveness and productivity
  • Accessibility - connectivity and mobility Housing
  • Land and environment
  • Health