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State of the Region 2020 Full Report

Appendix 1

Regional Outcome Indictors full details

The Regional Outcome Indicators covered in this report provide a clear framework to monitor progress and the economic changes required to achieve our vision and the ambitions set out in the Strategic Economic Plan and further developed in the West Midlands Local Industrial Strategy. The Regional Outcome indicators are composed of a selection of strategic headline indicators, which measure the impact of all activity across the 3 LEP areas by all stakeholders. These indicators have been aligned to the 17 SDGs and those highlighted in pink are new additions to help towards monitoring progress. 

The performance against these indicators are impacted by a number of factors including external factors like the global economy which are outside of the control of regional partners.

Work is ongoing to demonstrate the impact of investment and outputs on achieving our required outcomes and impact utilising logic chains.

Full details can be found in the PDF Document.