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State of the Region 2020 Full Report

Supporting documents and references

Recovery Coordination Group Initial Impact Assessment WMCA June 2020

West Midlands Industrial Strategy Sector Summaries Update Black Country Consortium Economic Intelligence Unit, June 2020

Functional Geography of the West Midlands, WMREDI June 2020 Prof Anne Green

Midlands Engine Independent Economic Review, Midlands Engine Economic Observatory 2020

Inclusive Growth Update; WMCA Board May 2019

Quarterly Monitoring Dashboard (Qtr3 and 4 2019 and 1 and 2 2020); Strategic Economic Development Board, WMCA 2020

Investment Board Forecasts, West Midlands Growth Company June 2020

Repowering the Black Country, Black Country LEPJune 2020

Covid-19 Policy Review, WMREDI June 2020

Additional Covid-19 Analysis and references can be found in the collection of:

Weekly Monitor; Editions 1 to 17 from March 2020 to July 2020, West Midlands Regional Economic Development Institute, University of Birmingham