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Executive Summary of Annual Economic Review

How we measure success

The WMCA Performance Management Framework

The WMCA Performance Management Framework (PMF) provides a clear framework against which success can be measured. The Vision for the area has a number of smart objectives with clear targets. The PMF is composed of a selection of strategic headline indicators, which measure the impact of the various programme areas of the WMCA Strategic Economic Plan (SEP). These indicators span a wide range of themes including productivity, employment and skills, infrastructure, competitiveness, sustainability and public service reform and measure the economic, social, fiscal and environmental impact. The PMF is maintained and updated by the Economic Intelligence Unit (EIU) of Black Country Consortium Ltd who provide in depth cross-thematic spatial analysis on behalf of the WMCA.

Understanding the economic impact of current and planned activity in the context of the WMCA SEP is fundamental to the work of the EIU. They continue to be at the forefront of new techniques including leading on the operation of the WMCA Dynamic Economic Impact Model which provides a clear mechanism to measure the economic impact of programmes in a spatial context.

The EIU will annually monitor WMCA’s progress in relation to the targets in the PMF so that we can be clear on the impact of our delivery plan in achieving our ambitions. The indicators in the PMF will also be the basis upon which we appraise and prioritise our programme of interventions to deliver the WMCA SEP. These carefully targeted set of interventions will ensure delivery of the greatest economic benefits to the area and allow us to create opportunities across the WMCA.