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Foundation Level

Foundation Level

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Thrive at Work Foundation Level offers a simple way to improve your staff wellbeing

The Foundation level consists of an 5 step approach, giving you a comprehensive understanding of the current position of the organisation, the mental and physical wellbeing of your workforce and a robust action plan to take your wellbeing programme forward.

It ensures that the organisation start in the right direction and that they have identified the needs of both their employees and the organisation and that they have developed a robust action plan.

We will support you throughout the steps and recognise you as you complete the foundation level. You will benefit from not only the support of the accreditation team but access to the other companies involved via webinars to share, learn and grow.

On completion of signing up to the Thrive at Work programme a toolkit of resources will be supplied as well as a detailed guidance to complete the following simple 5 steps:

Step 1: Establish a system for recording information

Step 2: Gather information and data

Step 3: Assess and analyse information

Step 4: Communicate findings and key priorities to senior management

Step 5: Identify interventions, communicate and take action

Theses steps form the foundation of the journey to the Bronze Level accreditation of the Thrive at Work Award. The level can easily be achieved in 90 days, although some organisations will take less time complete these steps and others longer.

Once signed up to the programme you can gain access to see the criteria framework below.