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West Midlands 5G: Why we have the best coverage in the UK?

The West Midlands has the best 5G coverage in the UK. We want to use this technology to create jobs and improve people’s lives. We’ve explained how we’ll do this in the West Midlands Digital Roadmap.

We're helping businesses and public sector organisations to learn about 5G. We have 5G innovation centres in Birmingham, Coventry and Wolverhampton. These will help organisations to test and then work out how to use the technology.

We’re also helping start-ups use 5G to pioneer new technologies. This will help reduce carbon emissions and secure a greener future. The start-ups are working on various projects, including:

  • reducing congestion and pollution with better traffic management
  • transforming home deliveries
  • high-tech recycling

We’ve awarded funding to AE Aerospace to trial a private 5G network. The trial will look at how to help transform productivity using 5G. We're a member organisation of the Innovation Alliance for the West Midlands. This is a group of organisations supporting innovation in businesses across all sectors.

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