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Get connected for less

Could you save money on your broadband and mobile bills?

We want as many people as possible to stay connected, and for those eligible, make the most of cheaper broadband and mobile tariffs. Whether you are job hunting, banking online, staying in touch with family and friends or working from home, you may be able to save money on your broadband and mobile bills.

These so-called ‘social tariffs’ provide home broadband and mobile connectivity at lower prices for those in receipt of certain benefits. Tariffs can be as low as £15 a month, giving consumers a saving of £7-£17 a month against usual pricing, according to OFCOM.

What is a social tariff?

A social tariff is a lower cost broadband and mobile tariff, available to those eligible – usually residents who are in receipt of universal credit, pension credit and some other benefits.

The scheme is offered by most major mobile and broadband providers and the packages are the same as normal broadband or mobile connectivity, just at a lower price.

Lower set-up costs, and it costs nothing to switch. If your provider offers a social tariff, you can switch to it at any time, free of charge.

Your price won’t go up mid contract – you won’t pay any more than the price you agree at the start of the contract

It costs nothing to leave  - you won’t pay a fee to leave the tariff before the end of your contract.

Are you eligible?

If you or someone in your household claims Universal Credit, you are eligible for a social tariff with a number of major providers

You can also benefit from social tariffs if you are on Pension Credit, Employment and Support Allowance, Jobseeker’s Allowance and Income Support.  Some providers might include additional benefits, like Personal Independence Payment and Attendance Allowance.

The person receiving the benefit needs to be the main person on the contract.

Eligibility varies by supplier, so we recommend you get in touch with your current provider, or check out OFCOM’s resources to see whether you are eligible.

Other broadband tariffs

If you do not receive benefits but are a low-income household, some broadband providers also offer low-cost products that are not social tariffs, as they do not require the customer to be in receipt of certain state benefits. You can check for the cheapest broadband deals on comparison websites, such as Uswitch, but these packages may not have the same advantages as social tariffs (e.g. no cancellation fees). You can change the ‘Sort by’ option on the comparison website to ‘Cost (low to high)’ to view the cheapest tariffs.

What broadband speed do I need?

It's always worth checking if you're getting the speeds promised by your current broadband provider. A broadband speed test can tell you if you're getting the speeds quoted by your provider. The site below lets you check the current speed of your connection:

What Broadband Speed Do I Need? - Which?

How do I apply?

For more information and to find and apply for a social tariff, visit the OFCOM or Money Saving Expert websites:

Money Saving Expert

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