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Power and participation

The Inclusive Growth Framework translates inclusive growth from an intellectual concept to into a reality that can be put into practice to build a fairer, greener and better connected region

Inclusive Growth Framework Fundamentals

Power and participation


Power and participation are about the extent to which people have a voice in influencing the things that matter to them. People who feel that they have power over their own personal circumstances will feel a greater share in the prospects of a place.

Those who feel that they can participate and shape the places in which they live and work, will feel a greater sense of belonging.


When we understand how people feel about how much power they have and how they can use it, communities will feel invested in the success of local areas.

Models such as the ‘Ladder of Citizen Participation’ (Sherry Arnstein, 1969), sets out different ways in which people may have a voice about what matters to them. This can include:

  • Informing – giving objective information to tell people about what is happening
  • Consulting – asking for feedback to shape decisions
  • Involving: Working with people to understand their hopes and concerns. 
  • Collaborating: Creating ideas and solutions together with people, this is also called co-design
  • Devolving – placing decision-making in the hands of people and communities to decide what is right for them


People have the power and can fully participate in influencing and exercising agency in the things that matter to them.


  • Overall turnout for local elections
  • Civic participation and volunteering
  • Trust in local Council and Council tax collection rates
  • Uptake of vaccination such as childhood vaccinations

Inclusive Growth Framework

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Inclusive Growth Toolkit