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AEB Complaints Procedure

2. What this procedure covers:

  • We can only consider complaints regarding provision we fund.
  • We cannot re-investigate a complaint you have made to the provider. 
  • We can review whether the provider has investigated your original complaint in line with their procedure. 
  • We can only investigate if you have exhausted the Provider's own complaints procedure, including any appeal. 

We can investigate complaints about provision we fund in relation to:

  • The quality or management of education and training. 
  • Undue delay or non-compliance with published procedures. 
  • Poor administration.
  • Equality and diversity issues (except where there is a more appropriate mechanism for dealing with the matter through the court, tribunals or other organizations).
  • Health and safety concerns (unless there are matters for the Health and Safety Executive. 
  • Safeguarding 
  • AEB processes and decisions made. 

Remember - If you have a complaint about the provider - first contact the provider.  

Before contacting the Combined Authority, you must issue a formal complaint to the relevant provider and exhaust their complaints procedure, including any appeals processes. Providers should have a complaints procedure and ensure that learners and employers are made aware of it. The provider should investigate your complaint in accordance with their policy. 

You should receive a letter or email explaining the outcome of your complaint, and which should also show that you have fully exhausted the Provider's complaints procedure.