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West Midlands Digital Roadmap

Becoming the UK’s Best-Connected Region


Best 5G mobile coverage in UK - with at least 40% population coverage by 2025.

Highest full fibre broadband access, with particular focus on deprived areas - with at least 2 million people with access to fibre by 2025 and best fibre access in deprived areas.

Best 4G mobile coverage in UK – with >95% outdoor and >90% indoor coverage.

Regional Activity

  • Further develop the digital connectivity map to confirm issues
  • Set up a digital connectivity board and team – incl. LAs & carriers
  • Establishing a best practice planning framework to remove deployment barriers across the region
  • Lead a programme of work with the private sector, LAs, DCMS and WMCA to accelerate deployment and mitigate planning & other issues

Work as a region to address market failures such as full fibre broadband provision in deprived areas.

  • Identify root causes of market failure
  • Assess alternatives within the context of state aid and value
  • Propose remedies, where appropriate,
    and lobby for funding
  • Oversee execution and delivery of benefits, using secured funds

Attract inward investment for further connectivity innovation focusing on new bearers (e.g. WiFi6, 6G), new business models, real-world test and trials, start-up/scale-up innovation building on 5prinG, Universities and LEPs.

Link physical mobility (transport system), digital connectivity (telecoms system), and spatial proximity (land use system) to ensure accessibility for all our communities.

Support adoption of frontier connectivity technologies (such as 5G) by individuals and businesses through public information, accelerators, and business support.

Key Actions in 2021

Continue to develop connected map & progress barrier busting to accelerate 5G rollout and extend regional leadership.

Deliver first 5G small cell pilots in city centres.

Seek to secure investment in 5G connectivity for key employment sites.

Establish Regional Digital Infrastructure Board to adopt barrier busting approach to full fibre and 4G.