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West Midlands Digital Roadmap

Using Digital Public Services to Build A Fairer, Greener, Healthier Region (2)


Reduction in the health inequalities outlined in Health of the Region 2020 report.

Regional Activity

Innovate in the delivery of healthcare, in partnership with the NHS, through WM5G pilots focussing on remote monitoring and support of care home patients, home delivery of endoscopy services to help tackle bowel cancer, and connected ambulances to improve at-scene and in-transit care.

Support collaboration between the public and private sectors in healthcare innovation, through the Serendip Digital Health Incubator, the Health & Wellbeing Innovation Network (Uni of Warwick and partners), and the Birmingham Health Innovation Campus (Uni of Bham and partners).

Leverage the 2 Health Data Research UK Hubs hosted at UHB on Acute Care (PIONEER) and Eye Care (INSIGHT), and the supporting health data infrastructure, to support population health.

Key Actions in 2021

Expand WM5G pilots focussing on support of care home patients and home delivery of endoscopy services to tackle bowel cancer.

Make case for investment in a regional network of 5G-enabled diagnostic screening hubs.