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West Midlands Digital Roadmap

Securing Access for Everyone to Digital Opportunities, Particularly Those in Poverty


Everyone has access to an affordable device and connection, and feels confident to access the internet and basic services.

Regional Activity

Work with Local Authorities, the third sector, and community groups to form a digital inclusion ‘coalition’, reducing the number of internet ‘non-users’ in the West Midlands from the highest level nationally down to the UK average (22% to 15%).
The coalition would share best practice on issues like hardware loans and voucher schemes, and use our collective voice to leverage more investment from the public and private sector.

Improve digital literacy through Adult and Community Learning offers, delivered by LAs and funded through the Adult Education Budget.

Work with young people and schools to improve digital literacy and build core skills from an early age through initiatives like BT Barefoot in primary schools.

Establish the West Midlands as a pathfinder region for the Good Things Foundation ‘Great Digital Catch Up’.

Work with Local Authorities and Community Groups to embed resilience to online disinformation across the region, by boosting multi-platform information literacy and critical thinking skills.

Make use of creative content across all platforms to attract and engage diverse audiences to digital technologies.

Ensure that all digital content is accessible and that nobody is left behind by a move to digital-by-default. This includes disabled people who may access content in a different way that is suitable for their needs.

Key Actions in 2021

Launch the West Midlands Coalition or Digital Inclusion, and host a regional Digital Inclusion Summit in February.

Build a granular evidence base of the digital exclusion challenges in the region.

Support BOM in establishing a regional Centre for Digital Culture and Inclusion.