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West Midlands Digital Roadmap

Sharing and Using Data to Improve People’s Lives (2)


The West Midlands are national leaders on data ethics, open data, and data security.

Regional Activity

Develop and agree a regional set of data ethics and information assurance guidelines, to support the sharing and use of data by all parts of the public sector and relevant parts of the private and third sectors.

Use the West Midlands Datastore project to realise open data commitments, creating a one-stop shop to access regional datasets and improving transparency and accountability.

Leverage the expertise at the University of Wolverhampton’s nationally-leading Cyber Research Institute, and skills projects like the TechTalent Academy’s Hacking Lab in Birmingham, to build
regional cyber security capability for the public and private sector.

Key Actions in 2021

Support the creation of specific teaching materials for FE to ensure all students can be taught the basics of data ethics and cyber.