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West Midlands Digital Roadmap

Securing Access for Everyone to Digital Opportunities, Particularly Those in Poverty (2)


Everyone can access digital jobs, particularly young people and those at risk of redundancy. The supply of digital skills meets demand.

Regional Activity

Support collaboration between the public, private, and third sector through the Digital Skills Partnership, and increase awareness of available programmes to
individuals and businesses.

Support young people through enhanced careers advice and digital skills pilots in schools.

Deliver the Digital Retraining Scheme, supporting unemployed people and adults facing the risk of redundancy.

Use the Adult Education Budget to increase the volume of technical and advanced digital skills, and also establish a basic digital offer.

Support growth in higher level and advanced skills in partnership with HE and FE.

Boost technical education by doubling the number of digital apprenticeships, promoting the Apprenticeship Levy in the digital sector, and supporting curriculum

Develop higher level data analytic skills to support both economic growth and public sector analytic capacity, and retain and support graduates coming from our region’s universities with these skills.

Key Actions in 2021

Expand the digital retraining pilot capacity to support 3000 people pa, rising to 5000 pa the following year.

Expand digital bootcamps to develop talent, working with employers to identify skills gaps and focussing initially on coding, cyber, and software development.