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West Midlands Digital Roadmap

Digital Supporting Progress On Indicators in The Annual State Of The Region Report

5 Missions


Securing Access for Everyone to Digital Opportunities, Particularly Those in Poverty

  • Everyone has access to an affordable device & connection, feels confident to access the internet & basic services
  • Everyone can access digital jobs, particularly young people and those at risk of redundancy
  • The supply of digital skills meets demand

Sample of STOR Indicators

  • Top 10% Most Deprived Areas, Progress 8 (School Standards)
  • Unemployment Rate, NEETs, Apprenticeship Starts
  • No Qualifications, NVQ4+ Qualifications, Employment Rate

Sharing and using data to improve people’s lives

  • Data is shared effectively across organisations to solve key regional challenges
  • The West Midlands are national leaders on data ethics, open data, and data security
  • Advanced data analytic methods are regularly used to grow our economy and improve public services

Sample of STOR Indicators

  • Top 10% Most Deprived Areas, Total GVA, Male and Female Healthy Life Expectancy

Becoming the UK’s Best Connected Region

  • Best 4G coverage in the UK
  • Highest fibre broadband access, with particular focus on deprived areas
  • Best 5G coverage in the UK

Sample of STOR Indicators

  • Output Gap, Enterprise Births, Top 10% Most Deprived Areas, Total Jobs

Realising the Potential of Digital to Transform Our Economy and Build Economic Resilience

  • All SMEs and micro business adopt basic digital technologies to boost output and productivity
  • High growth firms across the regional economy adopt advanced digital technologies
  • Tech and digital firms that are looking to scale up can access support and finance in the region

Sample of STOR Indicators

  • Five Year Firm Survival Rate, Output Gap, Resident Wages, GVA per Head
  • Total Jobs, Active Enterprises, Enterprise Births, Total GVA

Using Digital Public Services to Build a Fairer, Greener, Healthier Region

  • Regional carbon reduction of 69% by 2027, as outlined in the WM2041 net zero strategy
  • Reduction in health inequalities outlined in Health of the Region report
  • Vulnerable adults with multiple and complex needs are provided human-centred support to improve their wellbeing

Sample of STOR Indicators

  • Renewable Electricity Regeneration, Total Additional Affordable Dwellings
  • Male and Female Healthy Life Expectancy
  • Top 10% Most Deprived Areas