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West Midlands Digital Roadmap

Strategic Objectives and Outcomes

Together these missions help achieve the overall WMCA regional strategy of a healthier, happier, better connected, more prosperous, greener, and fairer region.
Each Mission has a small number of outcomes which align with our regional strategy. Some linked outcomes are mapped below for illustration – the full list are mapped in the following slides.

  • Healthier - Reduction in health inequalities outlined in Health of the Region 2020 report
  • Happier - Vulnerable adults and those with multiple and complex needs are provided human-centred support to improve their wellbeing
  • Better Connected - Highest full fibre broadband access, with particular focus on deprived areas 
  • More Prosperous - Everyone can access digital jobs, particularly young people and those at risk of redundancy 
  • Greener - Regional carbon reduction of 69% by 2027, as outlined in the WM2041 net zero strategy
  • Fairer - Ensuring everyone has access to an affordable device and connection, and feels confident to access the internet and basic services