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Goal 9 – Avoiding travel

Increased take up of working from home or working at local hubs. 5-10% work from homes (pre-pandemic levels).Reduction in travel by 25% for retail and business (excluding commuting)

Goal 10 – Shifting travel

Long term strategy shift in travel in line with city regions such as Munich, Stuttgart and Dusseldorf, where car use accounts for typically 35 - 45% of all journeys, compared to 63% in WMCA.

Goal 11 – Improving passenger service fleets

Mandate the electrification of 21,300 taxis and 2,300 buses throughout the region.

Goal 12 – Improving freight fleets

In line with Midlands Connect Tool, consider the decarbonisation of HGVs nationwide. Assumed electrification, but realise the solution may be a mix of technologies.

Goal 13 – Improving private vehicles

An accelerated uptake during the 2020s, ahead of the 2030 ICE Ban, will increase carbon savings in the shorter term. The CCC projections were used as trajectories.