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Scope of carbon emissions in FYP

  • To estimate carbon emissions from the seven constituent local authorities by considering fuel use within the local authority geographic area only. This is a standard method for regional analysis.
  • The rationale for this methodology is that:

- The dataset has been developed for use by local authorities and devolved administrations for targeting and monitoring carbon reduction and energy efficiency policies.

- Sub-national energy use and GHG emissions data are available from central government.

- There is a level of consistency between the reporting from local authorities and allows for easier comparison and benchmarking.

  • The four main fuel categories considered are:

- Natural gas

- Electricity

- Road transport fuels

- Residual (non-electricity, non-gas and non-road transport) fuels

  • This approach does mean, however, that only energy use undertaken within the physical boundary is considered. Other emissions, such as from the release of fluorinated gases, often used in refrigeration, are omitted.